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Next Level Of Direct Attached Storage

Unleashing Creativity: Engineered for Visionary Minds like you.

Custom Tailored for Your Unique Needs: Data Vault Pro is Crafted External Storage with Precision, Carefully Aligned to Your Exact Specifications and Desires.

Complete Compatibility Across macOS and Apple Mac: Seamlessly Extending to Windows 10 & 11 as Well.

Effortless Connectivity: Enjoy Plug & Play Convenience with Direct Attached USB4/Thunderbolt Compatibility.

Seamless Editing Compatibility: Directly Edit Your Projects from Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Logic Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom with Full Ease.

The Ideal Replacement Device for Your Old Drobo Storage.

Experience Blazing Fast Direct Attached Storage, Fully Compatible with Apple Devices.

Every Data Vault Pro Undergoes a Rigorous 24-Hour Stress Test before Shipping, Utilizing Premium-Quality Storage Media.

Starting From £2.499

What you get…

Embrace the Versatility: Our Direct Attached Hybrid Storage Device Offers a Range from 1TB Super Fast SSD Storage and 12TB Redundant Archive Storage, Expanding Up to 4TB SSD Storage and 66TB Archive Storage – All in One Device, Seamlessly Plugged into Your Mac’s Thunderbolt Port. Tailor Your Storage Solution to Suit Your Needs.

SSD up to 1000MB/s.
HDD up to 250MB/s.

Data Vault Pro: Solving Your Storage Woes

What problems does our solution solve for you?

Developed by Nico Albrecht, the owner of Data Forensics Ltd. in Belfast, NI, Data Vault Pro was born out of years of experience dealing with storage device recoveries for content creators. From graphic designers to video producers, musicians, and photographers, countless external hard drives failed, leading Nico to envision a product that offered both reliability and speed for up to 5 years.

At the core of Data Vault Pro‘s design is the goal of delivering lightning-fast SSD speeds for direct editing, while also providing vast storage capacities for archiving projects for years to come. Its all-in-one design ensures a sleek presence on your desk, connecting seamlessly to your Mac or Windows machine with just a single Thunderbolt cable.

For Apple Mac users, who often face limited SSD storage options at high costs with no upgradability, Data Vault Pro offers an elegant solution. By combining hybrid storage with high-capacity, reliable archives and a robust 5-year lifespan, this device fills the void left by traditional external drives.

With a personalized touch, each Data Vault Pro comes adorned with a carbon wrap and a stainless steel plaque bearing Nico’s signature. Not stopping there, we take custom builds seriously, ensuring that your name or any text you desire graces the device as a testament to its unique craftsmanship.

Data Vault Pro is the answer to all your storage concerns, seamlessly combining speed, reliability, capacity, and customization into one exceptional device that sets the standard for your creative endeavours.

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